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Hidden Mickeys of Disney's Journal

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11th April 2007

mrs_kennedy8:11pm: This isn't a Hidden mickey but since yall have some interest in disney i thought this might be a good place to post. Do any of you know of a DVD where they show the old clips of walt disney. Like him speaking about stuff like how he came up with the idea of EPOCT and just him talking about him making disney world. Any suggestions? I want to learn more about the history of the park. Thanks.

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21st March 2005

reginawessells10:40am: Hidden Mickey in WDW
Hello! I am new to this community. I am glad I found it, as it can help me when I post in my Hidden Mickey Yahoo Group!

A few months ago I picked up a "Hidden Mickeys" book by Steven Barrett. I only wish that the book had a few HM pictures, but otherwise, it's a good book.

Are there any HMs in POP Century Resort or Saratoga Springs?
Current Mood: curious

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25th February 2005

jessedillaha10:46pm: I saw a good one. At the beginning of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" If you look on the wall up toward the ceiling, the spotlights form a huge hidden mickey for a very short time. You guys probably know a lot about it. But it was special for me b/c I thought I saw it first.
P.S. Does this hidden mickey have a name?

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12th April 2004

l_sat10:47pm: YES!

Wow. I can't wait 'til I have enough to go to disneyworld :)
what a glorious mickey-hunting time I would have :D
Current Mood: amused

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10th April 2004

sockhopqwn1:42pm: questions for disneyland in anaheim
I have a few questions for the people who know about Anaheim's Disneyland.

#1- Who is the person who plays Tinkerbell and flies across the sky during the firework show? If you can provide any more information along with the answer, I am very interested.

#2- A friend told me that when the submarines were open, real people used to be the mermaids, but this stopped when one woman died. I was wondering if there was any fact in this.

#3- Why is Sleeping Beauty's Castle walk way closed down?

#4- How does one get a job as one of the characters at Disneyland?

Thank you very much!

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14th February 2004

l_sat11:47pm: :(
well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks as if the Hidden Mickey we've all grown to love in the Haunted Mansion is finally gone!

God only knows how long the hidden "Plate" mickey in the Haunted Mansion has been around, but I was there last weekend looking for it and it wasn't there. I was shocked and had to go back a few times to see if it was still there. Alas, no avail.

my guess is, when everything was put back after the Haunted Mansion Holiday 2003-2004, they forgot or purposely did not arrange the plates as a HM. Too bad. Perhaps they'll fix it someday.

bye bye old friend. Hope to see you again someday!
Current Mood: bye bye

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l_sat11:45pm: HEY! we're still alive :)
Well, I being the moderator of this here community have decided to say "HEYY! We're still alive! :D"

sorry, you poor neglected journal :( I truly am..sorry.

Welp, if anybody has any cool hiddenmickeys pictures by all means, please post! I'm so suprised so many people joined this community! I haven't bothered checking in such a long time, still, it makes me very happy. THANKS ALL!
Current Mood: still alive!

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18th December 2003

someonelikezack8:51pm: I just added hidden mickeys to my interests list, and i didnt think there would be any communities. but i see i was wrong, and this is cool

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9th December 2003

dancinjillybean4:27pm: hey, i'm new to this community, and I must say that i was excited when i found out that there was a hidden mickey community! I really got interested in the hidden mickeys a little over a year ago when my friends and i went to disneyland...well, that's all...happy mickey hunting!

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30th November 2003

greasyblackhair9:04pm: Has anyone else noticed the hidden mickeys in promotional posters
and standees and whatnot for the haunted mansion?

my friend said there were alot in the poster that
came with the la times awhile back,
and i saw a few TINY ones in huge promo posters hanging
from the ceilings at the movie theatre.

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25th November 2003

l_sat6:10pm: just one word:


I love disneyland.
Current Mood: cheerful

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16th November 2003

l_sat10:15pm: WELCOME ALL!
Hello one and all! I just wanted to welcome everybody to this new "Hidden Mickeys" community. Ya know, I was on livejournal wondering if there were any Hidden Mickey communities and I noticed that there really weren't any! :D imagine that. So, I decided to create this one. Here, you can discuss anything really (hopefully centered around the Hidden Mickeys of Disney or Disneyland XD) However, feel free to post whatever you'd like...I don't really care :D Have fun! Happy mickey hunting!
Current Mood: accomplished

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